Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prada F/W 2010

Nothing ordinary at Prada. Miuccia Prada presented a remarkable collection this season inspired from the completely innocent, sexually repressed, 1960’s era of American fashion. With this inspiration she injected a nice dose of her innovative touch with a sexual undertone that completely revamped each look with a refreshed modern impression. Prada was tired and bored of the typical cliché sexual references and reinterpreted her own version of sexy. With that in mind, the obvious main reference point of the clothing focused on the breast. A completely different shift from previous seasons where it was focused on the shoulders, legs or waist. The construction of the dresses had an obvious sexual suggestion with the pointy built in bras, high waist dresses and the ruffles of lace that covered the bust-lines. Experimentation with various fabrics was also important and manifested in the patent leather visible in the a-line cut skirts and the 1960’s style dresses and coats. Every piece that was offered looked far from ordinary or typical giving a fashion forward perception. The Prada look is not ordinary or boring; instead it’s all about being sexy and embracing the beautiful assets in the mid regions of a woman.

The show was held at the Prada headquarters in Milan at the show warehouse that was transformed into a twisting runway with soundtrack from DJ Frederic Sanchez. Model Samantha Gradoville opened the show in a black a-line 1960’s style dress with a pointy bra and a raised waist paired with knit stockings with lace and patent leather heels. All attention was focused on the breast and to add more attention to that region was the lace ruffled dresses, pointed bra that formed on the raised waist dresses giving off an obvious sexual commotion. Knit stockings with lace also played an important role in a great number of looks and appeared comfortable and sexy. Broken checks recalled Prada signature scratchy grid prints were visible in the a-line dresses, coats, trousers and tops. Comfort was also in the air with a wide range of knit-wear seen in tweed chunky sweaters and pea coat suits.

Admired pieces in the collection were the black coat embellished with black embroidery, the patent leather a-line dress and the scratchy grid print coats. There were a great number of pieces that were greatly appreciated.

Miuccia Prada is truly innovative and with this collection she proclaims that there is no need for the cliché references to feel sexy. A new take on a refreshed look from the 1960’s is all a women needs to feel powerful, sexy and far from ordinary. The Prada woman is obviously sexy and has no shame and showing off her mid-region assets on her chest. –Brent Billiman, Milan, Italy.

Stan Honda Photo: Model Mariacarla Boscono for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Lara Stone for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Alessandra Ambrosio for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Doutzen Kroes for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Patricia van der Vliet for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Sophie Srej for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Miranda Kerr for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Rasa Zukauskaite for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Ilvie Wittek for Prada F/W 2010

Stan Honda Photo: Model Kirsi Pyrhonen for Prada F/W 2010

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