Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alexander Wang S/S 2011

White is the new black at Alexander Wang. American designer Alexander Wang presented a collection without his downtown chic trademark color, black. This time around his goal was to create a look that was upbeat with a puristic quality while maintaining a edgy cool attitude. The predominate color in the collection was white and lighter pastel colors with splashes of turquoise, copper, silver and terracotta.This collection has great sportswear influences that is revamped to look edgy and entirely innovative. The silhouette of the maxi dresses were long and loose with a relaxed causal attitude. The trademark Wang deconstructing was clearly visible. On the mesh bra, jackets, leggings, shirts and dresses they were manipulated to look edgy. They were folded, stretched, rouched and cut to look highly contemporary with a futuristic sensation. It was all about layering in the styling of every look that was presented. V-neck silk dresses with open seams exposed a vest and sporty undergarments. A t-style dress was layered with a shorter dress and paired with cuffed track pants. The look was very carefree and casual with a downtown chic attitude. The Alexander Wang look was soft and romantic while maintaining an edgy impression.

The show was held at the Pier 94 simple white show space on the west side highway overlooking the Hudson River. The staging was impressive with a 50 foot backdrop of a inflatable fixture hovering above the white backdrop. Paris runway DJ Frederic Sanchez provided the soundtrack for the show. American model Britt opened the show in a long white silk maxi dress with cutouts layered with a style dress paired with gray opened toed platform wedges. There was a great number of long and loose silhouette dresses that fell to the ankles and were available in different variations of dungaree and t-style strap. A nice casual attitude was perceptible in the loose knitted tops and the long cardigans. Wang also presented a graffiti print style of lighter hues of splatters and scribbles added to a few pieces in the finale section of the show. Hints of metallic fabrics added a futuristic touch to various pieces.

Admired pieces in the collection were the beautiful white silk trenches and the jackets that came in white, silver and metallic mint. The graffiti style print in the maxi dresses and prints were also very appealing.

Alexander Wang has proved that he is a true innovator with this collection. Having optimism and injecting purity to his collection was the key to his success. The Alexander Wang women has romantic quality but still maintains a street style edge. -Brent Billiman, New York City, USA.

Stan Honda Photo: Model Aggyness Deyn for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Hanne Gaby Odiele for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Britt for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Jac for Alexander Wang S/S 11


Stan Honda Photo: Model Kamila Filipcikova for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Anna Jagodzinska for Alexander Wang S/S 11


Stan Honda Photo: Model Kasia Struss for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Julija Steponaviciutefor Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Karmen Pedaru for Alexander Wang S/S 11

 Stan Honda Photo: Model Valerija Kelava for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Lily Donaldson for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Magdalena Frackowiak for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Karen Elson for Alexander Wang S/S 11

Stan Honda Photo: Model Freja Beha Erichsen for Alexander Wang S/S 11


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